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Many Seniors, and especially those with underlying health conditions are fighting to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. They find themselves without resources and people to rely upon assistance. Without that essential assistance, even simple tasks like a trip to the grocery store or doctor’s office are risky and may even be life-threatening. Until a mainstream vaccine is widely available, we all may be returning to some level of normal, but not for Seniors. They remain at ultra-high risk of exposure.  Thankfully, that’s is where the Forever Home Foundation and our COVID-19 Outreach Program comes in.



The COVID-19 Community Outreach Program provides essential items such as PPE supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and many other items Senior’s need while living safely during these uncertain times. In addition, this program provides the same essential supplies and services  to care centers, nursing homes and other organizations that interact or supports Seniors in Colorado on a daily basis.

To achieve the goals of the COVID-19 Community Outreach Program, we have developed the following 3 pillars of support to help Seniors stay safe and alive in today’s world of uncertainty:


#1. Helping Seniors stay safe in their own homes.

#2. Helping Nursing Homes & Care Centers serving the Senior community stay safe.

#3. Supporting our “Volunteer Army” who help us serve our Senior community.

Through our COVID-19 Community Outreach Programs and input from the community, we identify Seniors who need safety products and other assistance that are needed to live in their own homes. We also support organizations that care for Seniors such as Nursing Homes & Long-term Care Centers that need Personal Protective Equipment and other supplies to effectively perform their jobs caring for Seniors. Our overall goal is to provide a minimum of 90 days of care, support and supplies to help these Senior populations so they can remain isolated yet safe as the World races towards a vaccine.

Care Packages
Examples of the 90-day care pack includes the following and can be modified to meet the exact needs of the intended receiver:
Individual Senior care package:

– (10) N95 protective masks
– (2) Hand sanitizer bottles
– (1) Box of (40) Nitrate or Vinyl gloves
– (1) Bottle of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
– (2) Boxes of disinfectant wipes
– (2) Bottles of disinfectant spray
– Additional Safety supplies
– Educational information on ways to remain safe and secure for Seniors

Nursing Home/Care Center care package:

– (100) N95 protective masks
– (20) Hand sanitizer bottles
– (10) Boxes of (40) Nitrate or Vinyl gloves
– (10) Bottles of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
– (20) Boxes off disinfectant wipes
– (20) Bottles of disinfectant spray
– Additional Safety supplies
– Decontamination Services 
– Resident Services such as Safety Rides
– Use of Mobile Office Client Clean Room for visitation purposes
– Other programs to meet resident needs

Each Senior care package on average contains $100 of product to keep Seniors safe. Each Nursing Home/Care Center package contains $1,000 of product to keep caregivers and Seniors safe and help.

Our goal is to help 1,000 seniors and 100 Nursing Home/Care Centers during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Pillar #3 is designed to support our “Volunteer Army” who help serve our Senior community with our “Closed-Loop” Program. The “Closed-Loop” program provides Seniors in extreme circumstances the necessary education and support to create a “Closed-Loop” quarantined environment. One where they can remain safe and avoid all unnecessary human contact with the outside world until there is a vaccine to protect against the COVID-19 Virus. This program will also help provide Seniors in extreme circumstances the financial support for everyday expenses such as medication, food, utilities, other support which they cannot afford.

Key Examples of some of the offerings we will provide, if necessary:

Fully disinfected grocery and prescription medication delivery service

Safe rides to medical or other important appointments

Home disinfection by a third-party virus disinfecting company

A Hepa and /or Hepa 13 whole room air filtration machine

Dedicated to helping

We are also dedicated to helping both Seniors and Nursing Home/Care Centers provide clean, safe, contaminant-free environments void of the COVID-19 virus for our seniors to live in. Through the help of our supporting partners, such as ProTech: Biohazard Remediation (a leading Colorado-based provider of professional environmental remediation and decontamination services) and our “Volunteer Army” we are able to fulfill this mission as well.


Phone: + 1 720 458 4043
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