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Most Seniors do not have resources or people to rely on when facing the challenges that come with trying to living at home safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even a simple trip to the grocery store or doctor’s office could be life-threatening or even fatal to our Seniors during COVID-19.

We Need Your Help

Colorado area Seniors need your generosity now more than ever. Donate today to help them live safe and healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

How deadly is covid-19, officially known as SARS-CoV-2?

– The answer is very to our Senior population.

Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official, told lawmakers in March when he was urging them to take serious mitigation efforts, the coronavirus “is a really serious problem, especially for the Senior population.”

“Older people and people with underlying health conditions, like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, for example, were about twice as likely to develop serious outcomes versus otherwise younger, healthier people.” said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) in a recent telebriefing.

The World Health Organization (WHO)  found mortality increased with age, with the highest mortality among people over 80 years of age and those with underlying health conditions.

Nursing homes have become a focal point for illness and death from the novel coronavirus outbreak, with more than 9,300 fatalities in 19 states occurring in elder care settings, according to data reported by those states and gathered by ABC News.

Here in Colorado, Seniors in nursing homes and those trying to stay safely in their homes are struggling. They are isolated away in nursing homes, care centers and even in their own homes.

To stay safe they need masks and other personal protective equipment. They need sanitation supplies and other help so they can safe from exposure and contraction of this deadly disease.

The Forever Home Foundation has launched an extensive Community Outreach Program to support our Senior community and those who serve them such as Care Centers, Nursing homes, First Responders and others. We can get them the need PPE supplies, cleaning and other essentials – but we need your help! You can help us saves the lives o four most precious loved ones. Even we can even help save the life of just one it will be worth the effort.

Please click below for more information on how the Forever Home Foundation with your support can help save Seniors lives.

To stay safe, they need masks and other personal protective equipment. They need sanitation supplies and other help so they can safe from exposure and contraction of this deadly disease. They can’t safely go to stores or have supplies delivered, and they often cannot bear the additional cost burden. All too often it is a question of buying safety supplies or making a house payment or buying food.

While there are resources to help, Community resources are being stretched thin as they work to meet the growing need. The Community resources are in high demand and calls for help are already pouring into our 911 centers and even first responders are challenged to help.

Although social distancing separates us physically, we are still as connected to each other as ever. TOGETHER, we have the power to come together in hope and in generosity, to act when duty calls, and to give with open hands and an open heart to those that are most vulnerable.

The Forever Home Foundation is committed to fight this invisible enemy and to bring much needed resources, supplies and help to our Senior loved ones. We invite you to do the same by joining our fight!

Donate to the Senior COVID-19 Community Support Fund. Your financial support, no matter how small, will help Save the Lives of Seniors at Risk!

“Helping Severely At-Risk Seniors stay safe in their homes or in the Care facilities they live in throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Forever Homes Foundation was founded in 2019 through a grass roots effort with the core-mission of “Helping Seniors Stay in Their Home.” We served our Senior population by helping those living on a fixed or limited income, unable to afford the necessary maintenance, keep their home safe and livable through our maintenance and education programs. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic we recognized the urgent need to expand the original mission.

The Forever Home Foundation 501(c)3 Public Charity Helping Seniors Stay Safely in Their Homes.

Our Mission is to “Help Seniors Stay Safely in Their Homes.” The COVID-19 pandemic has created life-threatening challenges for Seniors. While there is some assistance to help, Community resources are stretched thin as they work to meet the growing need. Social distancing separates us physically, but we are still as connected to each other as ever. TOGETHER, we have the power to make a difference for Seniors in ultra high risk situations through hope and in generosity. We all have a moral and ethical obligation to act when duty calls, and to give with open hands and an open heart to those that are most vulnerable.

The Forever Home Foundation looks to accomplish this mission by providing programs to Seniors to help with:

Home repairs.

Financial assistance for extraordinary expenses that put Seniors in financial risk, ie medical expenses, and etc.

Resolving a foreclosure event, or late payments to mortgage providers, utilities, and etc.

Finding access to numerous other community, local or state resources that assist seniors in need.

Our movement

Helping with change

In today’s times we quickly came to recognize that we need to expand our original message to include “Helping Seniors Stay Safe in Their Home”, during this unprecedented time with the Covid19 Pandemic. We continue to follow the path of our original mission but now find import to focus our efforts in relevant programs to “Help Seniors Stay in Their Homes and Stay Safe in Their Homes, isolated and protected against Covid19”.

With this in mind we have added additional programs to help seniors in today’s world of uncertainty.

senior homes
closed loop
The COVID-19 Community Outreach and “Closed Loop” Program

The “Closed Loop” program provides Seniors in extreme circumstance the necessary education and help to create a “Closed Loop” quarantined environment where they do not have to have human contact with the outside world, until there is a mass public vaccine.

This program will also be able to provide Seniors in extreme circumstances, financial support for every day expenses such as medical, food, utilities, ect., which they can not afford. 

We’ll also provide, if necessary:

Delivery Service

Fully disinfected grocery and prescription medication delivery service.

Disinfecting Supplies

PPE products, such as mask, gloves, and cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

Safe Riding

Safe rides to medical or other important appointments.

Home disinfection

Home disinfection by a third-party virus disinfecting company.

Air filtration

A Hepa and / or Hepa 13 whole room air filtration machine.

In addition to providing these programs to seniors living in their own home, we recognize the senior population that lives in nursing or assisted living homes which look to create a closed and safe environment for their senior population, but do not have the means to do so.  We are looking to provide this senior population, that are truly in need, access to the same programs listed above.


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"I was unable to afford some of the necessary maintenance to stay in my home and had no idea how to go about making the fixes. Thank goodness for Forever Home Foundation!"
Evergreen, CO
"Forever Home Foundation saved my home and changed my life. I always counted on my husband to fix things around the house, and felt powerless when he passed, and our home of 40 years needed repairs."
Denver, CO
"I feel empowered and secure in a way I haven't in a long time. Thank you, Forever Home Foundation!"
Aurora, CO
You helped my mom by brining much needed masks and sanitizer to her assisted living community (Brookdale Pinehurst) and I wanted to show my gratitude by donating to your fabulous organization. The money donated here is in part from me but mostly from a collection of other donors in my circle who are all wanting to help bring PPE to the community. Thanks for what you are doing! It means so much.
Denver, CO
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